Netvestor: Two best search engine ranking tips I can give you

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Two best search engine ranking tips I can give you

What we all want is that our site ranks high on search engines for terms that are searched relatively often. This brings free and targeted (people interested in those keywords) traffic to our site.

While Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a big and complex science nowadays, there are two basic tips I can give you that will significantly improve your website rankings. To more experienced SEO guys they will look awfully familiar as those are two most mentioned tricks in the book, but they alone account for 90% of your rankings. That is the reason I am bolding them.

First tip, is use your keywords as often as possible, as natural as possible. That means put them in titles, bold them, put them in footer and interlink your pages using your keywords as anchor text. However always remember to use natural language as much as possible because what matters the most at the end is user experience. There is no point in ranking first and getting thousands of visitors that stay about 10 seconds on your site.

Second tip is create links to your website. There are several basic ways to create free links to your site and some very interesting ways to create powerful links that I already wrote about. Do not be lazy to do this as content means nothing without exposure.

Using nothing but those two methods I finally ranked first page, second position for Wii Finder project. Total time needed about two weeks.


Majik2903 said...

Interesting, I've never even thought of using the keywords that lead to my blog as titles. I think maybe I should try that!

Miguel said...

I enjoyed your post. AdAge just published a story related to SEO and Social Meda optimization. Matt Creamer, one of their editors, writes about his experience being "optimized" by SEO and SMM. You might enjoy the article: