Netvestor: Finding Niche Ideas

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Finding Niche Ideas

Finding a good niche is very hard. This is largely because Internet is so big today that almost all topics you can come up with are already covered somewhere. When you create a site on some topic, you enter a battle with thousands if not millions of other pages on the internet competing for that sweet spot in search engine results.

Your first task when searching for a niche is to write down couple of ideas. You can start with things you like, for example snowboarding or cooking, but chance is they already have too much competition. So you should try some other sources. Also the more keywords there are in your niche chance is that you will have less competition. So cooking is bad, but "how to cook asparagus" is very good.

Here are some sites where you can get niche ideas in no time:

When you have couple of ideas written down, you can move to evaluating niche ideas.

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