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Sunday, October 28, 2007

Netvestor Project - Wii Availability

This is second project I have undertaken. I have chosen to use a different development platforms this time in form of squidoo and weebly.

The targeted keyword was "wii availability". It had good very good basis, low competition and high search frequency. Also the potential to sell was good with Nintendo Wii being very popular.

My Nintendo site is called Wii Availability and is based on Squidoo developing platform. I have included ebay and amazon modules that you get by default on squidoo which is very handy. Squidoo gives you percent of every sale. Also squidoo automatically shows adsense ads and gives you percent of revenue of those as well.

However after some time using it, I learned that squidoo is a bad development platform. It is convenient for making mini niche sites, which a lot of people misused to create spam. Garbage. Thrash. Google realized that and heavily penalized squidoo rankings. This means that it will take a lot of effort for your squidoo page to show up in google search. Which makes it practically impossible to use.

Squidoo pages have also very unnatural, spammy look. You will have trouble finding a really usable squidoo page. That is why I do not recommend it. This mini review of squidoo indeed meant to be this harsh - that is how much I didn't like it.

I have created another test site on weebly, called Wii Finder. It's purpose was to act as a sister site for the main site and also to learn about weebly as a platform. I have to say I am pleasantly surprised as weebly seems to offer a lot of tools for building a site. It also integrates very easily with google analytics.

Although I had run similar campaign to my laptop skins project, the results are very bad. I only have around 1 visitor every two days. I think this is because nobody really likes squidoo. Out of 15 visitors so far I did not have any income. Lesson learned.

Interestingly, weebly site gets about 14 visits a day all by itself although all marketing that I did was towards the squidoo site. Way to go weebly!

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