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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Little about Netvestor

I just realized I never had the opportunity to discuss a little bit why am I involved in website investing, what are my goals and why do I write about this.

First of all, you should know that I am a software engineer and have been working with computers for more then 22 years. They defined my life in a way. I always knew that I will be making money using computers because that is what I like to do.

I have been working in software development business for a long time. This year I decided it was time for a change. I do like software development but I was getting nowhere with it. What I had was a steady job and a steady salary, I always wanted more then that.

Time for change

I begun looking for opportunities elsewhere. I have read a book called "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" (amazon aff. link) which I am sure many of you have heard about. If you didn't, then I suggest you read it. It will not tell you how to get rich but it will open your eyes (a big step trust me).

So first I got involved in stock market. Luckily I decided to get one of those virtual accounts first, where you get virtual money to play with. I got $5000 and I begun investigating and reading every possible book about stock market investing. That is how I always do things. I did manage to increase my account to around $15,000 but I was spending 10-12 hours a day in front of stock market charts. I was trading options which is the most profitable way of stock market trading in my opinion. But soon I was lacking time and energy (and beginner luck) to be consistent and my virtual money plummeted to 0. Luckily it was only virtual money but a lesson learned.

Real estate was a next logical step, but I was lacking funds and the banking system here is still not strong enough to support proper investing Rich dad, Poor dad style.

Then I decided it has to be something I know and soon my attention got to Internet. At first, I was drawn to domain investing. You know, buy a domain name and hope someday you will sell it for millions. That doesn't happen, unless you own which you don't. I wrote an article on domain investing a while ago and explained why is website investing better. I invested around $900 into about 110 domain names. It's an addicting game, you get drawn to it and soon you find yourself reserving every (stupid) domain name you think of. I sold only one for $100 (that was pure luck). I decided it was time to move on. I needed reliable source of income because idea of quitting my daily job was growing on me.

With so many domains lying around I got an idea to make them into websites. Once again a lengthy process begun, this time learning everything about SEO and internet marketing. Many webmaster forums are great and time consuming way to do this.

Months passed and I started getting results. When I figured I am able to earn something and repeat it consistently I decided to start this blog and teach what I learned. Many would argue that I shouldn't be doing this and keep all the secrets for my self but a) I owe part of my success to other people's published secrets b) with more competition it makes it more fun

So where am I now and where am I going

The world of website investing is very dynamic and so much new information unfolds every day. I have donated part of my profits to charity and I figure I can always earn more because it's so easy to do it. We are still at the eve of website investing and there are a lot of opportunities around. I am convinced that I can grow up very fast in this business.

What are my dreams?

My longest term goal is to travel around the world in a sailboat, Porsche Carrera GT in garage, and a charity organization of my own helping nature and living beings in need. I figure for that to happen I will have to earn around $3000 per day which is a lot, and not so really.

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