Netvestor: How good keyword research beats website marketing

Friday, November 16, 2007

How good keyword research beats website marketing

In the previous article I wrote about beginner tips for website marketing. These are all good and tried steps to get your site noticed and indexed in search engines within a day, sometimes even faster.

Here is the interesting part. I made a small site when I was setting up my last project, called easy wii finder. This site was built merely to test weebly as a development platform and as you can see it contains just one image of Nintendo console and a small review which is then linking to the main page of the project.

The site was never marketed using the standard techniques. For past month it received maximum 15 visitors per day, with an average being about 5. Then two days ago site started moving up significantly in search engines. First it had 62 visits from search and that's when I noticed something is happening. Yesterday this number went to a whopping 95 as the site progressed to the first page of results for term "wii finder". (edit: Site currently has over 200 visits from search engines every day)

No additional effort was made for the site, simply it just got there by itself. This proves that search engines need time to check your website and give it some trust. My opinion is that during that time it is essential that there are no ads on the site. In this case, neither content nor promotion mattered. The site has only one paragraph which has not been updated at all. (edit: This changed as content was added later)

The key element in this case was a good keyword research. Choosing the low competition keywords proved essential as the site was able to move faster up until it gained the position it has today.

Interestingly the squidoo page which has almost same keywords and much more content and promotion still haven't picked up in search engines proving so far my point that squidoo is not trusted by google and should not be used for purposes of website investing.

I will be monitoring developments and keep you updated.


areebb said...

This is very interesting. Do you think if you put a weebly site on your own domain, it would have the same trust rank with Google? Would google even be able to tell it's a weebly site?

netvestor said...

I still have not tried this so I can not give you a definite answer. From what I know there should be no difference.

saleel said...

Intersting article. I feel that i have to read it once again to know indepth. Keep up the good work