Netvestor: Weebly review, part two

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Weebly review, part two

In the first weebly review you learned most basic things about weebly as a content development platform for your website investing project. I also wrote about my project called Easy Wii Finder, set-up and developed using weebly.

Weebly proved to be very successful for running a niche website. Editing and designing with weebly is very simple thanks to many templates and smart page elements. If you want more control for your website layout, use two column design element. You can drag and drop to the two column element, effectively creating various layouts. You can also use the second column for pictures (look at wii dance dance revolution page) or skyscraper ads. You can also add custom html code which you can edit by selecting the element and clicking Edit Custom Html on the menu bar.

Weebly has built in SEO techniques like marking properly the headings, allowing you to add meta keywords and description (in the settings menu, site-wide only unfortunately).

But what really makes weebly special is how it is liked by Google. My wii finder site now gets around 200 search engine visitors daily. Remember that we are still using only free tools for developing and traffic. Having learned to evaluate niche keywords and how good keywords beat marketing I created another Wii related site called Wii In Stock. Will keep you updated on the developments.

I've received lot of questions about weebly so I'll try to give some answers.

How to add a domain at weebly?
You can easilly add a new site (sub-domain) in the site manager by choosing "Create A Site". If you want to add a custom domain for a site hosted at weebly, here is what to do:

1. Login to your Domain Registrar account (ie. GoDaddy,, etc)

2. Navigate to the Advanced DNS Management page

3. Option A: Setup an A Record
- Point the root of the domain to Weebly's IP address: ""

Option B: Setup a CNAME Record
- Set the host name (alias) to "www" and set the destination (points to value) to

Note that it can take up to 48 hours (although usually less) for these changes to take effect. You'll know your domain is ready once it directs you to the Weebly site.

4. In the Weebly Editor, click to the "settings" tab, and then "choose site address". Enter your custom domain (ex. "") in Option C.

5. Republish your site

How to use Weebly and AdSense?
You cna now run adsense on weebly through an iframe widget. Read more about it in Running adsense through an iframe widget.

How to use Weebly and AdBrite?
Technically weebly supports AdBrite through a design element. You have the option to type in your ID and ZoneID that you get from AdBrite (look in the URL for id and zs). But I could not get this to work no matter what I did. I reported the problem to weebly via feedback option, and got no response until now. For monetization of weebly site it is still better to use affiliates directly.


Craig said...

I have just come across weebly in the last few days. Yes I know I am slow off the uptake. I just wanted to see some examples of websites that other people have created. I have made one that I am very happy with . Right now i’ve shown you mine, you can show me yours!

Trish said...

I have used weebly for the past 6 months and would like to know whether its worth paying them for the hosting and what you get extra for that. my site is and if anyone would care to look and offer any advice on how I may improve it I would be very grateful. thanks!

bgallagher said...

I finally enjoy designing websites because of the ease of use of Weebly. I hesitated paying them for a while, but definitely worth the money. Plus, I feel better supporting them.

WeeblyHelpCenter said...


Need help with your weebly site? Can't figure out how to customize your weebly site? WeeblyHelpCenter has been helping weebly users with their weebly sites, and will help yours.

kindyroot said...

Unfortunately weebly takes 50% of your Adsense revenue.
I have created a weebly site now just to redirect to my real site (blogspot) and serve some ads by the way, .. like that if the visitor ever goes through the weebly site first then weebly would have deserved its share of the revenue.

green mower said...

i don't think you can make much there from adsense