Netvestor: Choosing the Right Domain Name - Ignore common words

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Choosing the Right Domain Name - Ignore common words

Usually your keywords will contain short words like "the", "for", "a", "to". You will usually be tempted to use your entire keyword phrase in your domain/subdomain name. But search engines actually ignore the short common word all together.

If you search for 'guitars for sale' on Google we will see that is better ranked then By looking at the way Google analyzes search results, we can see that has better keyword density then guitars for sale. Notice how Google highlights in bold the keywords in domain name and whole is in bold, while in only guitars and sale are in bold, the middle part is skipped all together.

So next time you register a domain name keep it short, without common words ;)

I haven't actually confirmed it, it just struck me now.

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Daducha said...

This is very helpful and informative. I didn't know that doing away with short terms with help. Thanks.