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Sunday, October 28, 2007

Netvestor Project - Cool Laptop Skins

This was my first project. I have skipped phase one (see Earning money using Internet and zero investment) and decided to create content on something I like. This happened to be laptop skins. Writing about something you like is usually good idea, but it becomes a great idea when that topic does not have a lot of competition (not many sites write about it). In my case there was a lot of competition and although I have created relatively informative content, I have to fight many strong and established sites and that is why do not have good ranking in search engines. This ultimately results in fewer visitors which at the end means less sales.

Cool laptop skins was created on tumblr. Tumblr is primarily a blogging platform. It is extremely easy to use, produces great looking pages and is liked by the google as my site has appeared in google index in less then 24 hours. But it is also very basic and besides creating simple posts you will not be able to do much more. I can recommend tumblr when you need to display multimedia content like pictures and videos because they look very nice on tumblr templates.

To promote it I used couple social bookmarking sites but most traffic came from reddit and ezinearticles.

I have average of around 7 users per day. Original name of the site was Laptop Skins. But I have changed it since to Cool Laptop Skins. Choosing a narrower niche (more keywords describing it) ultimately brought more visitors from google. This is because there a lot more sites that deal with "Laptop Skins" then sites that write about "Cool Laptop Skins". This makes my site rank better for that phrase. It is also true that there are fewer people that are looking for "cool laptop skins" then for "laptop skins" so you need evaluate the balance. That is very important.

Since I do not have any of laptop skins to sell I have found an affiliate partner. I did a search on google for "laptop skins +affiliate" and found a company that sells laptop skins and has an affiliate program. They gave me a share (10%) of every sale they made that came through my site. In about 20 days I had income of $5 (two products were sold). That makes it about 70 visitors per sale which is very good. But majority of traffic came from referring sites like reddit and ezinearticles which is not a very good things. What you want is a high position in google for your search term so that visitors can come every day directly from a search engine. This is called 'organic' traffic. To rank good in search engine you need to do a lot of things and there is a whole science about it called Search Engine Optimization (SEO). But you do not need to know all that, you just have to rely on rational thinking and few extra tips that I am going to write about in next few posts.

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