Netvestor: Earning money with zero investments using Website Investing methods

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Earning money with zero investments using Website Investing methods

How to make money with zero investment? It is an old question. Thanks to Internet, making money opportunities are in abundance.

I want to share my experience in how to earn money on Internet using only free tools and services through a process called Website investing. I will show you methods and techniques that I learned. And we will learn together in this netvesting adventure.

The whole Website investing process can be split simply into fours separate steps:

  1. Research
  2. Development
  3. Marketing
  4. Conversion
Research is a part where you search for a 'niche' for your new Website. Niche is a term, made of one or several keywords, describing your target market. Like for example "shoe making". Your want to find a niche for which you have little or no competition on the Internet, while there exists a general interest for it (people search for it in the google). Finding a good niche is extremely important.

Development is a part where you develop your website around your niche. We need a development platform and content. Good content is very important because you want users to read about something useful which will help you get better rankings with search engines like Google and Yahoo. You will develop content using free website creator services, such for example is the home of this site. I have not paid a cent to have this site, I do not pay any bills and I do not have to worry about server problems. I only have to write. Everything else is taken care of. There are a lot of other sites like this all about you will learn in website development related posts.

Marketing is a phase where you let the world know about your content. Purpose of this step is to generate traffic (visitors) to your site. The more usable and original content you have the less you will have to worry about marketing. Still you have to make an initial move. Social networking is very popular tool for letting others know about your content. There are other tools like forums, directories, word of mouth etc. The crucial thing is to have content worth talking about or recommending. Key to remember is if you wouldn't recommend your new site to your friends , then don't expect others will.

Conversion is where all the visitors "convert" to earnings. It is all called monetization. It is somewhat a rough word, but it describes process from a monetization perspective. In practice about 200 visitors are needed to make one sale. Interestingly it does not matter what you are selling. If you are selling a sticker for $2 or a diamond ring for $2000, it will still need about 200 visitors to sell it. Chance is people that look for stickers will have around $2 to spare and people looking for diamonds will have $2000. That's an interesting fact that needs to be remembered.

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