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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Outsource, Outsource and Outsource

Let's face it. A busy netvestor will have a dozen of sites under his belt, and managing them all can be really hard. From reading analytics data, managing adsense and adwords to SEO and marketing, you will be done pretty much for the whole day.

That's where outsourcing comes into play.

You can find very cheap services offered at DigitalPoint and to some extent SitePoint Forums from article writing, link building, web design, site installation etc. The latest deal I got was to install a WordPress blog and write 50 articles about a niche for $200. Those 5o articles will give you unique content for almost two months. And if you did your keyword research well, you can be sure that you traffic will start to climb slowly but steadily. At very least if you are not satisfied with the site you can sell it at the same forums to get you investment back. To sell a site for $200 it will need to make around $0.50 a dey on adsense in average.

Outsourcing prolongs your day from 24h to 48h. Start using it now.

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