Netvestor: Bought two sites in foreign language

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Bought two sites in foreign language

I have just bought two Turkish sites. I do not speak Turkish so you must be asking why have I bought these sites.

Well first of all they get about 3,00o unique both, 99% being search engine traffic! That's not too bad.

They also rank first page for their keywords. And there are 160million Turks out there. That's a lot of potential.

I am either going to keep them for long term potential or flip them for profit soon. If you have ideas on how to monetize them, shoot :)

Oh and then sites are Komik Sözler and Aşk Sözleri !

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shegeek said...

What a great idea. Could you share with me where and how I could purchase a site in a foreign language. Thank you for your time.