Netvestor: Wake up call: Stop reading ebooks, time for action!

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Wake up call: Stop reading ebooks, time for action!

I have a question to ask you at this point in our little journey. Do you consider yourself a serios Website Investor? Have you read all about research, development and marketing? If not go ahead and finish reading those first.

If you did, have you actually put to practice tips given there? Have you researched your keywords? Did you build a site? What was it like promoting it?

Reason I ask you all this is simple. This blog can be read as a one big e-book on Website investing. Like all e-books out there, you will find it useful, you will accept many of ideas and you will learn something new. But it is worthless until you actually do something about it! I want to urge you to stop reading e-books for a while and start doing some live action!

The best way to learn something is by practicing it. If you do not spend equal time in practice as you spend reading theory, you will be simply overwhelmed with information and you won't be able to act creatively. Your creativity will be put to hold, sealed in a corner of your brain. You have all this information at your disposal, yet are unable to find a simple way to start. This can be very frustrating if not prevented on time.

So start today and start small... Research your keywords. If you did, build a site using proper SEO techniques. Apply some of the tips and tricks I told you about. If you did then it is perhaps time to do something about marketing.

Have a great netvesting weekend!

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wildfxp said...

Right on! Practice makes perfect.