Netvestor: Spread or Climb - Decide your strategy

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Spread or Climb - Decide your strategy

Past few months I have been experimenting with two possible internet marketing strategies. One is to go wide and one is to go high. Here are my thoughts.

Going wide:
+ lot of independent sources of revenue
+ possible automation of tasks
- low income

Going high:
+ dedicated project
+ quality of content
+ quality of backlinks
+ high income
- if you missed the niche you are going to regret it
- risk

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goofblogger is someone giving away money said...

I like your going wide option. However, total automation is a little hard to digest. I would alter it slightly and have semi-automatic task completion. The wider the approach, the risk factor would actually be less since you would be less dependent on a dedicated project.