Netvestor: More tricks fo the trade: Adsense, YPN, buying websites

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

More tricks fo the trade: Adsense, YPN, buying websites

Yesterday I had a first $10 adsense day. Not bad, took me few months though. Of course I already had $100 days with affiliate sales but this is first time with adsense.

One of my sites really took off with Adsense earnings. Thing I noticed: The amount of visits have not changed, the price for the ads did. I am using adlink and in the beginning it was miserable. 1 or 2 cents a click. But then google figured out what people like to click and what pays well. And they started rotating better links. Now click is 11 cents. that's ten times more. Therefore my $10.

I've heard that Yahoo's YPN pays even more then Adsense. I do not know whether this was true, and YPN is still in beta and for US citizens only. The rumor made sense since the minimum bid on Yahoo network was 10 cents in contrast to Google's 1 cent. But recently Yahoo switched to 1 cent model too. Worth a try if you are from US.

I bought another website! Yee. It's called I always wanted to have a wallpapers site. You can find some pretty cool backgrounds there like Star Wars wallpapers, interesting space backgrounds, perhaps pick a transformers wallpaper, find a background for your website or maybe interested in Vanessa Hudgens pictures? It's all there in one place, that's the beauty of wallpaper sites. The previous owner was earning about $3-$5 per day. Since I took it over it fell down to only $0.10 per day. Why?

I got rid of ads that were literally all around the place. I moved them away because I want the site first to be a usable resource. And this will take some time.

You need to have faith in what you do. Netvestor over and out.


tradeswing said...

Hey, love your blog. I've been inching my way into investing in websites and I wanted to ask a few questions.

Do youbuild your sites or do you buy them already established? And what's the process you go through to make sure you don't get scammed when buying one. I was looking into using but wanted to know if you used something different. Any contracts being used, etc..

netvestor said...

I both build the sites and buy them established. When buying for larger amounts of money you can use escrow and if you don't there is always some risk involvded. It is up to you to judge whether it is worth the risk or not. I have personally bought two websites up to now and transactions went without problems.

Make sure you get and verify the address and phone number of the seller, that makes it less likely to escalate into problem.

Richard said...

Oh, I never heard of YPN, maybe I'll check it out in the future. I however make a lot of money through adsense, but I think that's because they're stock ads, I think those people pay more. Sometimes I get like $1 a click! And it's cool how you buy websites, how much did cost you?

Oh btw, you should check out my website sometime and if you're interested in sponsoring one of my contests or simply trading links, please let me know ;)

Webcam said...

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Rakesh Maya said...

i havent reached my 10$ yet, it was nearing 10$ shared between two of my sites and but suddenly one of my site stoped showing adsense i asked adsense but they coudlnt give any reason they said i had violated some policy but they couldnt mention which.

i also plan to start a wallpaper site soon, but couldnt find enough time

Mo said...

Great article - YPN is new to me, will check it out - thanks.

dee said...

Thanks for the post - Will research this more and who knows? Maybe something great will happen.

Sledge said...

I've been thinking of investing in an art site. What do you think about that? My picks so far are because they have been under the rader yet they already have an Alexa ranking of 127,000. I also looked at They have been slow in popularity considering that they are just a bit more popular than Myartspace but they have also been around seven more years than Myartspace. How do you contact a website about investing? Should I just write them and say that I'm interested?

netvestor said...

Both of these sites are pretty strong so I would not advise them as first picks. More importantly they already jumped the web2.0 train so it is likely the owners are well aware of their worth. However you might do it just for fun, offering a stash of money which ever you find appropriate. The value of those is probably around 10k us$ min.

goofblogger makes money online said...

I too have joined the buying smaller websites bandwagon. I like the ones that do not require a lot of maintenance but are already out of the sandbox.