Netvestor: What insane person designed comment feature on Blogger?

Thursday, January 10, 2008

What insane person designed comment feature on Blogger?

In this off-topic and unrelated rant, I just want to express my utter frustration with comment feature on blogger blogs. It seems like it was made by monkeys and designed by cows.

How could anyone in their sense for usability create a blog comment feature that takes you to another page, where you do not even see the post you are commenting on and figuring out how to sign is harder then launching a rocket to the moon. And you can not even automatically link to your website!

Come on Google, it is your reputation at stake! Do something about and do something quick!

I expect this post to have zero comments, and I sympathize with you.


Lossehelin said...

well, the best solution is to dish blogger and migrate to wordpress... it is the best solution in short term...
i personally don't like to post in blogger hosted sites..... said...

I hate that I even have to use this craptacular interface just so I can say... Finally someone said what I've thought every time I post a comment on a blogger blog. You're right Google needs to wake up and smell the frustration. Tip of the day: To increase your comment count by 300%, ditch Blogger.