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Friday, January 18, 2008

Netvestor on a break

Most of you have probably noticed that I do not post as much as I used to.

Reason for this is the overwhelming amount of work. You know that I quit my job in December and decided to create streams of passive income from online ventures alone. I have a lot of energy but it gets spread out on not less then 13 websites I am maintaining right now, 3 of them being major projects.

The Internet Market is one of the most quickly developing markets in the world today. To stay competitive, an enormous amount of information has to be followed every day. This is taking it's toll on me and I need a little break away from the madness. The articles presented on this blog are a very sold base for anyone to start investing in websites. Having lot less knowledge then I have now I managed to earn $1500 in December out of two months old website. So everyone can do it it's dedication that matters.

To the readers who have been following the latest series of articles, the newest free development/promotion website that is showing better results then anything I have seen before is Out of other sites, Jimdo came out of nowhere these days and is ranking very well. Surely to keep an eye on.


shegeek said...

I just visited I must say I absolutely love it. Please keep us informed of the progress of this site.

Your number 1 fan!


usws said...

Wow, quiting your job and solely depending on internet revenue is a really big step. And yea, i believe it must take a whole lot of hardwork looking at the fact that there's already many out there who do the same thing.

I still have yet to make any serious (or any at all) money from my site. Don't really understand how people do it besides actually selling ad space to specific companies. I guess i have to read up if i want to know and get better at this.

BYE! And thanks for dropping by my site.

p.s. Good luck with everything you're doing.

netvestor said...

Its not such a big step, I think bigger step is to decide to work for someone until the end of your life?

Anyways it's not about ads that's the least profitable way of doing things. Affiliate programs and own products is the way to go.


usws said...

So i guess your site must be really topic/product specific if you want to get anywhere? Hmm, where DO you get products to sell? Invest in products of others and resell them?

Wow, this sure is complicated! It'll be long before i start anything like this.