Netvestor: Top underrated ways of getting free backlinks

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Top underrated ways of getting free backlinks

Last time in Internet Marketing for Newbies I explained basic techniques you need to know about in order to start with successful promotion of your site. Now I am going to continue with a series of articles that will focus on using less known methods of gaining high quality links to your site.

Using internet bookmarking sites

Internet bookmarking sites allow you to create an account to manage all your online bookmarks.Of course nothing stops you from bookmarking your own site. That effectively means that when you create such a bookmark and make it public you have just created a free link to your website using title text (anchor text) that you want. This is different from leaving a story post at social media sites because these links are yours to control and you can do whatever you want with them.

There is absolutely zero risk in leaving the links in this way and this is the best, easiest and free way for creating links to your site.

Top 34 Internet Bookmarking Sites

Here is the list of social bookmarking sites you can use to create free links:

Many of these sites will offer you so called bookmarklets, which are links you drag to your browser toolbar and allow you to bookmark a site in a singe click, thus significantly speeding up the procedure for future bookmarking.

So in an hour or two you can create 34 free, relevant, backlinks to your site. This is also one of the fastest ways for your site to get indexed by search engines (forget about URL submission).

There are services that will do the bookmarking manually for you for a small fee, usually less then $10 for a whole lot of bookmarking sites. So if you have few spare bucks to spend and no time to do this alone you can find those services for example at digital point forums.

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Mark Dykeman, The Uncanny Broadcasting Brain said...

Aren't some of these sites no-follow?

netvestor said...

Hi Mark,

Most of these sites (20+) are nofollow. Try this link for only no follow sites

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