Netvestor: Roundup of six online website development platforms

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Roundup of six online website development platforms

I have been doing research lately in order to find a best free website development platform on the net, suitable for business of website investing (with zero investment in funds).

I have had a lot of success with Weebly, but it has it's limitations. So after extensive research I have come up with a list of six sites:

All these site have in common the fact they are free to use, provide some kind of web site development tools and are also ad-free. That means all the ads on the site will be run by us, unlike on sites like Squidoo or Sampa.

You can read a review about Weebly and GooglePages in my previous posts. Out of the new contenders SynthaSite and Webnode seem to have most potential, with Jimdo following and SiteKreator on the back end.

In order to test the sites development and SEO capabilities I have created an experiment. A test page that I shared on all of these platforms. That way I can monitor website ranking for the same keyword and notice which does the best. The keyword phrase I am targeting is "Love Text Messages".

Here are the sites:
I have also included a self-hosted site on a domain for comparison purposes. So the game is on and I'll be closely monitoring the results these platforms provide for their sites.


Admin said...

Cool I am looking forward to see your results. Keep us posted :)

netvestor said...

Results coming up soon, they are surprising..

Alan A said...
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