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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

How to double AdSense income in one day

Having become an adsense publisher I have instantly encountered a need for better conversion. Far too many sites write about ad placement and blending that are supposed to give you better conversion rates. OK I admit there is something to it, but not one of these tips is 100% sure simply because web sites are different. You need to test it and testing takes time and I am sometimes impatient. So I did what I do in these cases - discover a better and repeatable way on my own.

Here are two simple tricks that will almost double your conversion and will work all the time.

Understanding how does Adsense work

When you put adsense code on your site, it analyzes the content of the page, mainly the title and neighboring content and decides upon relevant keywords. I already written how to manually set relevant keywords. Then based on advertiser bids for given keyword ads are displayed, usually highest bidders first and so on. This is a win-win system when it works, because you get the most money from the clicks and the advertiser is sure to get the traffic they payed for.

But often, in order to get more traffic or just out of pure lack of knowledge, the advertisers bid for keywords that are remotely relevant to their website. That means it will be remotely relevant to your visitors too. I had the luck to discover this early because I run a site that is about Nintendo Wii. The console is in large demand and is out of stock almost everywhere. That's why most of the Wii advertisers withdrew their bids or lowered them - they could not convert the traffic simply because the console is out of stock. This in turn caused that when I included adsense, I was getting ads for xbox, playstation 3 and other products my visitors did not want to see.

Now someone will argue that's still great because I was getting the highest paying ads. But here is the crucial thing. It is revenue that matters not ad cost per click. Would you rather take 1 click on $1 paying ad or 20 clicks on $0.10 paying ad?

How to turn things to your advantage

I decided it is far more important for visitors to receive relevant ads then cost per click of single ad. I monitored the ads appearing on my site and wrote down all that were not relevant to the content of my site.

Then I went to my adsense account and under Adsense Setup there is a menu called Competitive Ad Filter.This very option allows you to enter all sites you do not want ads to be displayed from. Wait a couple of hours for changes to take effect and there you go, only relevant ads displayed. This means happier customers, more clicks and more income to you.

There is also another trick. You can specifically tell adsense which sections of your site you do not want to be considered for generating keywords for your ads. Simply put these two html tags around irrelevant text.

< !-- google_ad_section_start(weight=ignore) -->

This text would be ignored for determining adsense keywords because it contains irrelevant information and I do not want it

< !-- google_ad_section_end -->

(when pasting remove the space between '<' and '!' characters on the beginning)

Using these simple techniques I have literally seen increase of income by 100%.

Remember, when in doubt always try to give your visitors what they want, not what you want. You can never go wrong with that.

One last note, when you are monitoring what ads not to display, do not click on the ad to get website url. You can get banned for clicking on your own ads. Usually the site is the same as the url written or you can try other ways to find out the target site.

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