Netvestor: Update on projects and more lessons

Friday, December 14, 2007

Update on projects and more lessons

It's been pretty exciting the past few days. My projects took off and I have been very busy learning about Conversion. I admit this is the topic I know least about so I'll be passing up useful tips for you as I try them out.

Learning Affiliate Marketing

For starters I have signed in to a few affiliate marketing forums hoping to get as much information as I can. I believe "old man's" advice is the best you can get. I still can not recommend any in particular since I've been a member only for few days but you can find a list of them in Top 100 Webmaster Forums.

My main focus has been the Wii Finder. As you can see I changed the site layout and included two affiliate marketing programs - Ebay and Amazon. I offer the visitors the opportunity to buy Wii on either of these two sites which guaranteed have Wii in stock - such is the need for the console that you can't find one anywhere else! Since Weebly does not support javascript per se I only used classical links as you can see.

But here is a little tip I learned about in the meantime. You can use iframes and Weebly's custom html element to display portion of another site that is running javascript. Basically that means that you can even have Adsense running on Weebly! But I have to investigate this further first.

Easy Wii finder and Wii in Stock currently earn 100% of my daily website income which is around $45 at this moment. You will be able to monitor this information on the blog's sidebar from today.

Dark side of the force is calling Luke

One of the things I successfully fought was the temptation to offer "Free Wii consoles" . This is an affiliate program that pays $1.50 just for a visitor to sign up with their email address in hope to win a Wii.

Having in mind that my site has more then 1300 unique visitors daily, you can imagine what kind of money could be made out of it. While I do not know if you can really win a Wii or not, it looks a bit shady to me. Why would anyone sane pay $1.50 for one email address? Well certainly the reason is to promote and try to sell all kind of products and I am afraid of those ugly ones. You know the sort.

So I decided against it and actually it was easy. Just follow "would I do it myself?" rule.


LEGIT freebies dude! said...

That seems quite a bit for just an email, which will probably be used to spam them.

Anonymous said...

Weebly is very cool - I tried it out! Personally, I still prefer SynthaSite - I think it has far more potential as an affiliate site builder.